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The online registration process must be completed before the student will be authorized to tryout or participate in practice. To ensure clearance for participation, the online athletic registration process should be completed no later than two school days prior to the first day of practice/tryouts. The Athletic Office needs time to process the online registrations and add the student to the "cleared" list. You do NOT need to bring in any paperwork to the Athletic Office. The online procedure is sufficient. The coach will be given a list of "cleared" students that are authorized to tryout/ practice.

Once your registration has been completed and reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know the status which will either be "Incomplete" or "Approved". Please inform the athletics office if you have NOT received an clearance status email within two business days

Please make sure that you have all information and complete current physical card PRIOR to starting this process. There is no "save" function the first time through and if you have to stop midway, anything you have entered (other than your user name and password) may be lost.

In addition, the process will not be completed without paying the $165 (high school) or $130 (middle school) athletic fee. If you have questions about paying the fee (e.g. family max situations, athletic fee waiver applications, etc.), please call the Athletic Office prior to starting your registration. If a refund is in order because a student has withdrawn or been cut, the bankcard used to pay the athletic fee will be credited in a timely manner.


  • Physical exam forms must be signed by a licensed medical provider and stamped with the doctor's name, address, phone number and filled out completely including parent registration.
  • Students registering for Athletics for the 2018-2019 school year must have a  medical provider signed physical examination card with a physical dated April 1, 2017 or later.
  • 2019-20 Dance and Cheer may use the 18-19 physical for tryouts (physical dated April 1, 2017 or after), but must have an 19-20 card (physical dated April 1, 2018) prior to actual practices during sumer of 2018.


Blank single side physical forms to take with you to the doctor are located outside of the Athletic Office at Menomonee Falls High School or by clicking here.

The system will not allow more than one document to be uploaded. If you have the older half sheet size green or blue card, please upload the FRONT side.

Clearance will not be given without verification of the student's physical date and the doctor's signature.  

***If you have a new physical card/form to upload to replace an old one, go back in to Family Accounts/ Click on Registration History/ click on Add under the Upload File tab. You can then upload the new physical card. The uploaded one will replace the previous.

A NOTE FOR THOSE THAT HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED A STUDENT: The uploaded physical card/form from a previous registration will NOT automatically be uploaded to a new registration. You will need to re-upload the physical card/form for each new registration. If you do not have an electronic copy of the card/form, you can access it in a previous registration by going back to Registration History/ click on View under the Physical Date column of a previous registration. You will then be able to save the document to your computer for future uploads

If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please contact the Athletics/Activities office at your school.

Heidi Wood - Administrative Assistant High School Email: woodhei@sdmfschools.org Phone: 262-255-8414

Liz Scargill - Administrative Assistant Middle School Email: scareli@sdmfschools.org Phone: 262-255-7174


Brian Heimark - Athletic Director High School - Email: heimbri@sdmfschools.org Phone: 262-255-8497

JC Bruns - Athletic Director Middle School - Email: brunsjas@sdmfschools.org Phone: 262-255-8450